William R. Whipple


Areas of Professional Activity



1998-present President Blueline Studio, Secane PA
1994-1998 Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dean of Faculty
Professor of Education
Bethany College, Bethany WV
1991-1994 Associate Academic Dean
Associate Professor of Psychology
Albright College, Reading PA
1988-1991 Director, Honors Program
Associate Professor of Psychology
University of Maine, Orono ME
1985-1988 Director, UALR Scholars Program
Associate Professor of Psychology
University of Arkansas at Little Rock AR
1980-1985 Associate Director, Honors Program
Assistant Professor of Psychology
State University of New York at Oswego NY



Institution Degree Studied with
Swarthmore College BA (psychology), 1966 Hans Wallach, Solomon Asch
Harvard University MA (psychology), 1969 B. F. Skinner, Richard J. Herrnstein
University of California at San Diego PhD (psychology), 1979 Edmund J. Fantino, Robert M. Boynton


Selected Publications

Whipple, W. R., & Wallach, H. (1978). Direction-specific motion thresholds for abnormal image shifts during saccadic eye movement. Perception & Psychophysics, 24(4), 349-355.

Whipple, W. R., & Fantino, E. (1980). Key-peck durations under behavioral contrast and differential reinforcement. Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, 34(2), 167-176.

Whipple, W. R. (1987). Collaborative learning: Recognizing it when we see it. Bulletin of the American Association for Higher Education, 40(2), 3-7.

Whipple, W.R. (1987)  Avoiding the Lintilla syndrome.  The National Honors Report, no pagination

Whipple, W. R., Wallach, H., & Marshall, F. J. (1988). The effect of area, separation, and dichoptic presentation on the perception of achromatic color. Perception & Psychophysics, 43(4), 367-372.

Reihman, J. M., Varhus, S., & Whipple, W. R. (1990). Evaluating honors programs: An outcomes approach. National Collegiate Honors Council.

Romer, K. T., & Whipple, W. R. (1991). Collaboration across the power line. College Teaching, 39(2), 66-70.